Monthly Networking Meeting
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January Networking Meeting

Date: Thursday, January 18, 2018
Location: Embassy Suites Hotel & Conference Center, 200 Stoneridge Drive
Time: 6 to 10 p.m.
Cost: $35 per person in advance: $45 at the door.

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Headliner: World Renowed Artist and Live Performance Speed Painter Jared Emerson

Jared was born in Michigan in 1979, as the youngest of one brother and two sisters. His parents were strong in their faith and raised me in a loving Christian home. At 19, he attended WOLBI for a year and decided then that he wanted to pursue the arts. He actually had his first studio at Poe Mill, and in 2006, he had the opportunity to be a part of Art Crossing in downtown Greenville, where his studio is currently located.

His art styles vary, and include charcoals, oils, acrylics, graphite, and other mixed mediums. He loves to work with individuals on commission pieces, as well as live performances. His live performances range from settings such as formal conferences and expo shows to concerts and cruises. He has also perform at intimate wedding receptions. These, too, are painted live.

The focus of his work is to capture the essence of what he creates, whether it’s in a person, an object, or anything you can imagine or envision; he will capture it for you to enjoy for years and years. He comes from a family of strong values, and he would describe his faith as a personal relationship with the Lord, Jesus. Christ has given me the strength to provide a level of intensity that pours onto his canvas at each event. Every stroke, every detail he does to the glory of God. If he didn’t believe in what he was doing, you would be able to see it in my work.

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Follow him on his various social media channels:

Twitter: @jaredemerson
Instagram: thejaredcollection
Facebook: thejaredcollection


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